The tribal bond, first painting in 2016!

Creativity is sometimes complex … 1 month ago I have not painted.

By cons I was highly creative in other areas.

And, miracle, yesterday, finally, I wanted to paint. I had still not found my mojo to attack me with a large canvas … I needed to start small (I still paint small in moments of doubt!) And I finished this painting makes link the dolls collections (women wild in miniature) and abstract to the bird.

The tribal bond by Fanny Wild
I had started in March or April … but I did not find it a facies that works. This time I had the courage to start on his face (which I did not want to do so we must realize layers so that at the last it may end badly, Grrrrrrrr.)
I love the wild feminine essence, her gold necklaces and gold makeup on her face. It also has a tribal tattoo, discrete which fits perfectly with the feathers in the foreground. She is a goddess of the deep, his feet soaking in the mud. It makes this raw material sculptures. It is fully her real and without half measures. What lesson!

In the background of this tribal woman abstract I like to do: gray, scribbles …

some letting go here
and a bird of course!
sorry… birds everywhere
I left out so long! And in the end, it’s one of my favorite (besides, is there no connection? I be wanting courage to attack me and finish the works that I know I’ll love? Would -I fear of ending with the sack?)

It is with a real boost, I wish you a happy 2016!

I hope you will marvel of the good as the bad that may cross your path (which you most afraid of anyway?)