Oh deery! New video.

No, no … it’s not a mistake (like I fart to speak English and I send you a deery head instead of a deary.) Fun words!

Because we will talk today of … of … of … deer, yes

I do not know if it’s Christmas, which made an indelible impression (oh no!) But I want the antlers everywhere. All over!

I want my tree decoration, on my wall (true, but I’m looking in the woods, I found none) and in my paintings!

It is not the first time. And I can not help it, I HAVE FEELING WOOD CERF. In addition, he hangs on my table notebook pages I use to recover the excess paint (no mess, no, no, no.) Gone to do something …

double page!

But how do I actually go to a recycling page (with a shiny chrome paint absolutely atrocious) to the pretty antlers?



Stop looking, the answer is in this video: