Dreams have a cost

Carte oiseau
Bird, card in mixed media by Fanny Wild

We all have dreams.

We all have busy lives that can not accommodate these dreams (well, apparently).

All except this person around us seems bright, radiant and has a job that seems a little crazy.

This troubles us.

Alternately, you feel attracted to this person, then envious and admiring and sad.

Why do we go through all these stages?

These emotions are a click. It’s a part of us trying to talk to us. To tell us, to make us understand. This part of us is annoyed … it does not have many tools to be understood.

Another example of tools available that part of us to communicate is that little voice in our head.

The worry is that she is not alone.

There is the great voice. She is strong and serious and take up much space.

But not all the space.

The little voice, all acute and quiet, barely recognizable, sometimes embedded in all about the big voice appears to us so dangerous.

I start listening to that little voice in my head.

It seemed to me waking up.

I then promised that little voice, not to drop it. the recognition of. To him instead.

But it is not so easy.

There is no before and after. This is not a sudden enlightenment, Nirvana.

Rather, there is a before and a long list of crashes, fights, turning back.

There is envy, sometimes to give up his dreams, leave as before, because it is simpler. Yes, there are days where only the big voice is heard and told me to stop chasing a dream and seek safety instead.

He has those days where the little voice will still give me good advice. And I’ll do what I want without listening. In my case, this is not a disaster ALWAYS balance: car accidents or simple breakdown (or delay), a pause in my life, a home that does not happen, a pony fugue (in the night to -3 ° C .) These huge problems suddenly make me understand that that little voice had (yet) reason.

So what do we do? Will I do listen this voice and swing the rest? Only the bravest will scream yes.

I stop and look at the cost dare dream.

It seems to me that the wildest dreams were paid cash: engineers they left everything behind to raise goats in an arid region of France (without water or electricity).

Sometimes it seems that we pay on credit. In small doses. Long time. Is it because we have too afraid to embark once and for all? Besides, what embark once and for all for an artist?

In short, what is really the cost of the dreams we try? What is the cost of the dreams we never realized? What is the way? Sometimes it is to get lost …