large storage

Do you know the book “storage of magic”?

Given its success (which is undeniable) it is very likely yes. But did you read?

If this is not done, this article will serve as a precaution …

read may cause many MANY changes in the house!


I explain to you! The trial of Marie Kondo wants to be very simple: it must be surrounded only things that make us happy, brings us joy … and discard the rest! Everything else!

And here the idea of ​​what keeps me occupied for 2 weeks: a sort of madness at home.


Finally, I found the courage to throw !!!!!!

Marie Kondo déculpabilisée me. Déculpabilisée throw!

Because I recognized myself in the funny lines that woman angelic face …


Yes, I am one of the people who keep trinkets rotten, just in case!

Besides, we are mainly educated to keep things “that can still be used” or papers as “bank statements, I tell you we must keep them for life (no, no).” It accumulates, it piles up, we keep because it was expensive (even if we never do nothing) or because that’s aunt X that we offered (though we can not stand him .)

And above all, no longer impose this education to our children? “Why you do not play ever with this game it was very expensive you know …” or “it’s the sweater that grandma knitted thee, put it so ” Let them free to find what they like / dislike, indeed, throw for them is much easier for us!

Place the picture insane! For if you know me a little, you know I’m more style … hmmm … yes, gypsy (if you do not know me, know that even my car is a pure source of brothel). So this is what the storage of magic has managed to do to my closet:


Too clean!

A hundred pages will be enough to convince me that it was necessary to undertake a major transformation! The house airs, I am surrounded by decor that I love, I finally wear jeans and nice tops that I kept deep in my closet for a special occasion (which never comes). Even in the studio sort was necessary …

In addition to convince us, a few golden rules are contained in the book as: the sort order (it starts with the clothes and books and papers … to keep the pictures last: yes, photos that also flow to better appreciate those we love!) or the time to devote to it. And there, I did not understand how to succeed … sorting must be done in one day (I started on February 10 Oooops) but here the day, it was not enough at all at all (the to do list was barely even started.)

Nor do I could do to the idea of ​​throwing everything, and so we decided to give what was in good condition. Trips to Emmaus, libraries and the waste (the favorite places of my children, but what?) Multiply!

Purpose: exploding the record book 75 trash bags! It’s at 47, there’s still work!

I go back, I’m all fired up!