Let it go

What is letting go? At first glance it looks like a surrender, is released, we let something go. a lack of species eventually we feel in these words, and it can be scary.

In seeking further (well, in the dictionary), we get that letting go is “a state of impersonal concentration”. It does not tell you much, huh? A either. So when I read recently that perfect definition of what it means to me, letting go, I think only share:

I remind you that letting go does not mean doing nothing and abdicate. Rather, it means to remember what we want to share to others when necessary, while accepting that we can not control everything. This is especially the fact of not being attached to the results, that is to say success to feel good even if you do not know the intended result and that the universe always takes care of us. Sometimes it happens that we want a different way. We do not get what we asked, but that better meets our needs.

Lise Bourbeau