Lunar eclipse and Dalai Lama

It’s been two months since I didn’t write anything.

Not laziness.

Oh no!

Because I felt absolutely overwhelmed all this time!

These last 2 months have been full. As full as the moon that day 🙂

And if I want to write today, this is because I really want to talk about the lunar eclipse tonight and the Medicine that accompany it.

You should know that another lunar eclipse took place at the beginning of this month (1 September) during her dark phase (or new moon). The time between these two powerful phenomena is called eclipse season. A time known to bring many changes. Beginnings. And ends.

This was especially true for us.

We are actively seeking for a new home (since we know that a highway will come crushing the mill where we currently live) and we find our happiness! At last! We had to sign for the first week of September. A nice start for us in perspective.

Last night, the wheel turned without even we expected. The seller, despite our agreement, we no longer want to sell.

Air crash in my little life.

Oh of course, since I train with shamanic practices constantly, I had received signs (a nightmare where that house was suddenly buried, with a huge and dangerous hole in our room, we can drag and drop even more low underground, below the lowest of the cellars, in the most terrifying darkness). In short, it was a dream, very, very clear, that I have not had time to think, since the same evening, the bad new was falling …

Needless to say, with the ax of an expropriation which plannes above our heads constantly, it is a very bad news (not including the time and money lost for 6 months working on this project ). Although we will fight, this looks like an end. Or rather, the end of a new beginning. Here we are right in the vibrations of this season eclipses!

I write so full of emotions and sorrow (rabies passed me at the moment). This is not surprising since the moon passes into the corner of Pisces, who bring us their share of exacerbated feelings.

Anyway … I never ask too much in favor of astrological influences (exceeding my purely scientific side) I never read my horoscope, but there still is a strong hazard!

In addition to all this, the eclipse of the full moon tonight is taking place next to Chiron, the wounded healer, which may cause us to pass through many old wounds, unresolved stories and patterns we can still hit (yummy right? !!)

What to do?

Living emotions is sometimes so scary …

Yet it is a must. And a passage.We have to move threw, to not being trapped in the world of emotions. This wet world, deep blue, with heavy atmosphere. Because yes, this is where there will be the healing. However, we must remember that we are not our emotions (we feel them, that’s all).

Meditation will guide us. I personally think I really going to need (like tons of meditation this weekend)!

I also think that the conference of His Holiness the Dalai Lama  (Zenith of Strasbourg, Sunday) will do me good in these troubling times. Those moments when I doubt even of the human race (this ! *% ??! seller) and especially our government and its laws that suppress our educational freedoms. This government, which does not even receive the Dalai Lama …


I am currently lost among all my personal convictions. I choke. But strangely, when I look at this picture, I trust.

Because I know I can choose. I choose to live my emotions, but looking at them with an outside eye. They do not define me. I’m not grief. I’m not angry. And if I had to choose, I will choose as the picture above, to be HAPPY.

But happiness is not inaction. Happiness is not submission.

I think I can fight, with joy, with smile and with love.


In the coming days I will use this great man to help me go threw this Lunar portal, this metaphorical passage from one period of life to another. Although these are only battles that await me, I am ready and I’ll even smile at them!