The paintings of a wild woman

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

In the breath of a storyteller, some words to me farther prevail.

Beyond myself, in a race with Wolves. In the image of a witch, singing in the moonlight.

Sometimes I live intensely the archetypal of the wild woman such as so brilliantly tells the dazzling Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I saw through my paintings, for example, the shaman or the eagle.

And, yes, sometimes, I meet a wolf and plunge in his eye. Surprising encounter, shocking. Never indifferent.

Yet so far away we are from the Wild Woman, our instinctual nature, we feel her presence. We meet in our dreams, in our psyche. We hear her appeal. It is for us to respond, to return to it where, we, deep in ourselves, want so and need so much.
The woman who gets her wild nature like wolves. She runs, dances, screams with them. It is bursting with vitality, creativity, healthy body, soul vibrant, life-giving. It is up to us to be this woman.



Women who run with wolves.