Woman power

First big canvas done!

Stand in your power woman!


It’s a nice time that we should not forget to celebrate. As a Birth … on second thought, it’s a baby project that is born every time. So small party in his honor. I showed you the first layers of this painting before. What evolution is not it?
How do we know that a painting is finished?
Great question! I am careful to keep my instinct wide open in the final phase of a canvas, as much as I tend to do too much (to work too far), and risk losing his voice.
So when I suspect the “last layers work”, I displays the painting in a place of passage at home. The canvas is down to the eyes of all and especially of mine… this is an important step of situation discussing with the painting (me crazy ???) Some details becomes so obvious to me, and I can rectify them.


All. 100 X 80 cm. Mixed media by Fanny Wild 

Some zoom, ok? This painting contains so much elements and I think some details are very interesting…


Zoom 1
Zoom 2
Zoom 3
Zoom 4
Zoom 5


Interpretation of the painting
T’s a very, very personal interpretation, then I will give you some keys to reading … Already the title tells us where we put our feet : woman power (oh yeah!). A very feminine canva therefore, whether by the presence of sensual elements (bottom left, the voluptuous curves of a woman smoke), the presence of the moon and the woman on top like an African native. It offers us a journey to ancient times of matriarchy and focuses on lunar cycles of a water channel (oh so feminine element) to the Moon (rising.) Yes, it is important that the moon phase is rising !! The elephant turned, also reminds women in another of her roles: that of motherhood (which was a milestone in my life, and even, liberating!)

Top left, a puma (female, yes yes yes, for that matter) symbol of power, looks evolve its prey, a young deer, ready to jump on him. The deer symbolizes the family but also kindness, and for once has no idea of ​​what will happen to him. Together, I understand that kindness is a form of power, which we do not often realize the force!

The deer right does not have the same meaning. This one talks about wildlife, wilderness, and what return I wait so long… its antlers push him indeed a forest!

… And we can continue like this for a long time 🙂

Hope you take as much pleasure to watch, as I did to do!