Ideas VS thoughts – 30 days challenge – D#4

Yesterday, I spoke of my dandruff lost and finally found! I love those moments where follow an idea, an instinct can achieve something unexpected. In this case, it was, while I was writing on my computer, a tenacious image in my mind (and which I had not called by my memory processes.) This image arises. It was this picture of me on my tractor, not necessarily flattering image for me, but it appeared. I then followed my instinct to want to publish it… and I came across this photo in a moving cardboard which I had not touched (since we came in our new house.)

Here’s how to follow an idea allows to reach an unexpected event but pleased. I used to do in front of the white canvas, throw me in my first idea… after all it is only the first layer! In life, little by little I allow myself to relax my expectations.

I have some trouble not to tell me that this idea was totally silly, and that it was better for me to stay at my keyboard (it’s not always easy to find time to write with children, so much to enjoy instead of wasting time searching for what an old photo.)

It was before asking me questions about the phenomenon of ideas.

Yes, when we create, by painting or another medium, we inevitably raises the question, one time or another, from the point of emergence of our ideas. I’ve read some very interesting works on this subject, including the famous Unleash your creativity by Julia Cammeron (and let me tell you that this is not a best seller without reason!) All evoke the certainty of the existence a great creator, a cosmos that we can whisper messages to the right ears to us.

It is in this spirit that I have read the blog lulumineuse about it. This is to differentiate between thoughts and ideas, consciousness and unconsciousness. To be quite clear, it is best to take a portion of the ticket which was the trigger for me (I will translate it, sorry if it is not quite clear ):

there is A HUGE DIFFERENCE between ideas and thoughts!

To understand this: TADAAAAAAA! Here is the legend of the drawing above:

Thoughts – Ideas

The fundamental difference (and believe me when I say that I mean it) stands in contrast to the SENDER!

Reminder dictionary ^^:

sender :

This one, the one that destines something such person, such a goal, as opposed to the recipient.


Destine. (this is not me who says so! ^^)

Although for the idea or thought, RECIPIENT rest you, the SENDER it is DIFFERENT!

How does this translate to daily life?

For that I’ll tell you a story (among a million :)) of lights that I was following in its development. She told me:

“Lulu, I asked to treat so and so but I did not hear anything, I did not get an answer or I can not hear. So I had the idea to call Raphael and I done so … “

Heuuuuuu! how can you say, “I have an idea” if we then attribute it?

Why do not we say: “I have to make an idea?”


Absolutely our whole day is cradled ideas!

In the most mundane everyday things, ideas are sown and become achievements .. or not!

Consider an example that I like:

You are calmly reading a book, sitting on your sofa with a nice duvet on knees, stained decade, but it is sweet hoooo! (well okay, no secrets between us ^^)



The Earth is in the process of switching to 30 ° North-East? Ducks actually have three legs, but the fourth is a hologram, and no one has noticed yet?

NO NO ! Much simpler than that!


Whoa! The idea of ​​space!

Well yes, it is not an idea that seems like that change the world stage and yet … it could change your life.

So you’re sitting there and you just sit this idea … or, okay, guys!

THE FIRST THING HAPPENS in our head, is the submission of the belief in our thoughts …

and there, two scenarios are possible:

First case:

I had the idea to make me tea … Yeah!

I’m under the covers …

Plus, I do not even know if there is one I love …

Oh and I really lazy to get up, so maybe it will be for later 🙂

Second case:

Woah! Good idea, I get up immediately to prepare! 🙂

Besides, it’ll stretch my legs.

These two cases are very banal … – yes, I checked we can say ^^ banal – and that situation presents us daily and in a totally unnoticed when it has not become fully aware of the reality SENDER from behind!

We have ideas constantly, and this is where we find our dear friend: THE FREE WILL, allowing us to respond positively to the proposal or not our guide, or one that speaks through the door of our “self -profond “inside;)

So, every day, every hour, every second we subject permanently most of their advice to comb our mind, which will decide whether or not we will respond to the direction that our ” my profound “offers us!

Yes, yes, every minute we spend our time to confront our “I-deep” and personality until one fine day I hear the phone: “Lulu, are you sure that this is my choice this life? “” Lulu, did I deserve this? “

YES, YES, OR, and I re YES! Because remember that famous cup of tea you refused to create in the first case!

Your guide will was blown by the idea that sowed to go in the kitchen to prepare your tea. From there you could look at the time and you would have counted was left you an hour free before picking Loulou at school or your mom at the station. Perhaps you would put the book and for this time to another activity .. and so on!

In fact, your whole day would have been affected perhaps not in outline, but in every detail!

Do you know exactly what you will do in five minutes exactly? What position, what thought, what action?

NO !

The guides them, our “me-deep” and all the planes inside you know. And that’s why every day they blow you to small tracks that will become the great achievements of tomorrow.

YES, YOU ARE FREE assistance that can bring you!

You are free to decide, to choose between the idea or thought, but one thing is fundamental:

WITHOUT the idea, tea was never created!


The IDEA is the principle of the sacred feminine.

CREATING, one of the sacred masculine.

Let us remember: “THE creator father,” “women’s intuition”. How many times have we heard this?

One does not go without the other and we both reside 🙂

                                        If we fully aware of the sender, we fully become aware of free choice to merge the idea of ​​creation.


With all that in mind, let’s look once the film: the old idea of ​​photo SCANNER- yay lost films are back – it’s still cool that happens to us when following the ideas we receive – and if I wrote a post on receiving ideas and include the blog lulumineuse I love – creating the post – click to the reader (at least I hope) – you am more ideas because you understand what could change your life. TIP OF MADNESS !!!

XO Fannoche