The goddess through the work of Elena Kalis

The goddess archetype makes me thinking a lot this last time. It reminds me this wonderful pictures of Elena Kalis, who knew so well to unite pur feminity of the water and the body. And old article I’d like to share in english too.

This first picture is a good example of the amazing work of Elena Kalis (remember her name!) Yeah, today, we’re going to dive in a different world. Poetic. Magical.

I can’t help myself to share this other one too :

Inspiring, right?

Seeing this give me the need of waterproof APN… yeah it’s really fun, because I overprotect my now APN, so going underwater?! Really?!

Go back to the pic! Water is soon zen, but what I like the most is the light. You’ll find here her website, hoping you’ll like just as I did her view of Alice in Wonderland.