And danse the Earth !

Sometimes there are moments of extreme clarity in my life: everything seems to fit together and make sense …

I recently experienced such a moment with the creation of the oils root 1 and 2 (see previous post) and I did not think to have another in the following days …

In the previous article, I evoked an exercise that I particularly like to do: the list of everything I love!

It’s stupid, but it’s quite powerful, and it helps me a lot in all the other moments of my life where everything seems tangled …

By following our intuition, we can sometimes be very confused. We do things that we can sometimes take months to understand. Or even years! The answers eventually arrive with time (certainly, when we are quite ready) but in the meantime, the items we are given awake our curiosity (olalala yes!) And do not reveal themselves completely.

As if we were lifting Isis’ veil a little, just a little …




Today, I will share a new epiphany!

What is the common point between dance and sacred enlightenment?

Where I come from, a priori, not much (except derviches… )

Last night I had a sudden intuition to draw a Hebrew letter. It’s been a while since I did not use guidance, and it happens to me when I’m in moments of great clarity, or that I’m constantly busy (which often happens in our tumultuous lives … hold, I just saw that there are -tueuses- in the word tumultuous … our lives at 100km / h kill us?

In short I suddenly want to know where I am in my sacred journey and the Hebrew letter Kaph final spell, beautiful, bright and golden:


… the body is rooted, connects to the Earth.

We are ready to open the doors under our soles, our knees and our pelvis, to open our whole being to let rise in us the force of the Earth.

We are aware of this fire, of this life that animates the atoms, the molecules, the cells, the organs of this body that truly becomes our home on Earth.

When Kaph finale appears in the draw, She invites us to live this consciousness. Our body is a faithful friend. She tells us that we are ready to open ourselves to that, the splendor of the resurrected body.

Your own body invites you to dance, to celebrate life with the least of your gestures.

By fully inhabiting it, a new force awakens in you …



The final Kaph message is beautiful and powerful. It goes in the direction of what I am doing now and brings me the clarity I needed without knowing it.

It connects my intuitive pursuits on the Black Gate, my work with the root chakra, my need to practice more than 3h per week of modern / contemporary dance (and other method of liberation of breastplates!)

She answers this question raised at the beginning of this blog, on making my foundations solid, then dancing, again and again in each of my shamanic journeys.


“Ondule my daughter!” Message of the Wild Goddess, received during the creation of the Wild Woman Class in 2018.


But how does her mere presence answer all the questions raised so far?

Kaph finale invites us to live in our body, to feel the dance of our atoms inside our body. There, under our skin, everything is in constant motion. Our body is movement, in our bowels.

We are movement.

Our life is movement, it changes constantly, only transforms itself. Things are not the same as last year, that during our childhood … everything moves.

Earth moves.

Our chakras, move.




Kaph asks us to open the portal of Dance and Movement, with the right gesture, the graceful gesture … by concretely integrating this way of life, it makes us enter our own body.

And it is no longer a question of living only in blind sensuality … but in the consciousness of being in a dance, the dance of atoms: yes, here, being embodied in a dance, by a dance!

It is said that the Grand Masters can die by scattering their bodies like thousands of butterflies. As if their molecules flew in a soft, colorful glow. As if, the atoms of their bodies wanted to dance elsewhere, smoothly and painlessly, in a subtle explosion of a myriad of petals … like the grand finale of a dazzling spectacle …

All these messages tell us to feel the choreography movement under our skin. That all dance is love. And so our body loves us.

He dances FOR us.

It’s up to us now to dance too! To make the link, by the movement and to circulate the energy of the Earth, the energy pumped by our root chakra. May each of our least gestures be there to celebrate Life and Light.



Does our body contain all the answers we ask ourselves?

As humans, we are like hyphens between Heaven and Earth. But this hyphen, is not a fairly right symbol contrary to what I thought so far … it requires a flexible line, which undulates, a living feature.

Can we become more aware of our body? Of our actions? Would it be the keys to access the life force of the Earth, the development of our foundations?

There is only one way to find out:

Well, now dance !