Not heels that make the woman

Today I am eager to talk about the power of women and how it gives us the illusion that the woman has now regained her voice, as she seems to have fallen into oblivion.

What voice exactly?

I imagine quite hear your answer, since in general, the voice refers to the sound that comes out of our vocal cords.

With a little attention, the voice means much more than that.

The voice is communication in general, from multiple channels, such as blogs;), social networks … the “click generation” produced this little wonder, where everyone can have a say and say.

The negative side, they are necessarily violent comments on the Internet, where on condition of anonymity, internet users lose responsibility for their words (under the guise of freedom of expression) and loosen up in the games and various childish language (which also opened the way for cyber harassment and invite you about to see this wonderful intervention Monica Lewinsky.)

Back to the female voice in the digital air and blogesque trend that is always full (blog cosmetics, education, …): women talk and there are more and more authenticity pearls.

Why is this so surprising?

Because traditional education (that of generations past, and even the remains of the witch hunt) taught women to be silent.

And it worked.

Even now, too many girls are silent in the face of shocking situations (like an uncle who holds Inappropriate, one on one in his car) and when they finally found the courage to speak, are not heard.

Even today the voice of women is denigrated by society and emissions of famous-for-TV-ras-of-daisies.

But that is not new.

What is new ultimately, it is the finding of being well screwed. Since the 1980s, there has been the emergence of a new mode of education to silence the voice of the female (while giving the illusion of having found): Women-success.

The illusion of a change

Society tends to show us that we are moving towards equality brandishing the example of his women-success. I call it the insidious denial.

But if, you know … the woman-success! It runs through the streets of Paris in his cigarette skirt and high heels, lipstick Yves Saint Laurent in the inside pocket of his Longchamp (and files under his arm.)

Yes, there are more and more of his female ministers, contractors wives, his female CEOs of big box (Citroën for example.) They are at the top of success and earn (almost) as much as a CEO attributes tripartite.

But I’m listening to them … I can not hear the voice of the feminine.

And if we make the effort to look at them more closely, we see that the male energy in pretty dresses (and I do not even talk about Rachida Dati, back at work just days after childbirth, or the nickname of Mrs. Thatcher “the iron lady” which says it all!)

Just because society sees success as ideal as one … so? Well, the small malignant, they had borrowed male paths!

… … Their voice is masculine.

They can put skirts and necklaces, they nevertheless choose the competition, crushing each other, against the current of feminine energy of empathy (and I still come back to the Monica Lewinsky speech here, calling to live in a compassionate society and gives us a great lesson about our responsibility as public humiliation.)

I have also experienced it personally.

I remember, in my former doctoral work, a moment that still gives me chills. My supervisor decided to teach me a lesson to “get lab what they are asked” (a laboratory assistant in effect refused to go further in the requested tests, because the product I provided was not pure enough … I was looking for other tests to do, but no, my boss wanted that and asked me to me and this laboratory assistant technical impossibility.)

So she took me to the laboratory and used his voice in a mixture of humiliation and insults. The poor woman was in front then started to cry, and my superior, delighted, proud recovered well, gave me a smile and went away, asking me to follow because “we had nothing more to do here. ”

Yet I could not move. I knew if I stayed here, had finished my career. But I did not follow my superior. Instead, I went affected shoulder this woman over 45-50 years (and nearly 30 years of work behind her, far more than my upper) in tears. I showed compassion and that I was harmful later (oh yes!)

My superior had spoken and she thought she had won. But it was not, at any time, the voice of the feminine. The voice does not see another danger, enemy or competitor, but another with which to unite and create. With that finding solutions (but was it the purpose? Was it really won?)

What is the feminine energy that the world would need so much?

I have already spoken of empathy, of union, of creation.

When we think of women, we also think the obscure realm of ideas and unconsciousness, the phenomenon of mysterious gestation.

The female energy is also rhythms (like the moon, it is well known!) Every night, the face of the moon is different from the day before … and women’s days are unlike any other: sometimes creative, sometimes silent, sometimes active and directive, or patient and inventive.

In comparison, the solar days are always the same: each hour must be at peak efficiency (. The solar disk always shows full) Illness, loss of form (totally natural and human, maybe it should be recall) is a sign of weakness.

Thousands of people have become accustomed to slip a Fervex at the first sign of cold to remain efficient. Taking the time to slow down, to understand why the disease that touches us (often just tell us to slow down) … and then what, I’m not a sissy !?

It’s fucked up? Figures of female success, we talked about above, they finalized bury the voice of the feminine?

Yes, there it looks like … feminine blogs and data marketing strategies to small women’s businesses (the famous coaching) are on their same performance model. Clearly, in my case, it would be visible every day, out 3 articles per week in a frantic pace to succeed. The feminist movement itself, by the violence of his words and deeds, are outside the range of the feminine.

Everything seems designated the death of the female.

Yet there is hope!

The voice of the female makes its way along the branches of the web, these are still few women, but they are out there and create real communities of support (and even now they write books like Wilder and Wiser.)

What was then still a whisper, now hears. Because it’s time to let out, FOR REAL, the voice of the feminine. Respect themselves, respect our rhythms.

The sign that your voice is female?

Feel good, open and happy! With or without heels.

But even more, it is to be genuine.

And as you have to start somewhere, I found my voice being authentic in form as well as in the back, stopping for 1 year to force me out a section “because you have to stay in the timing “(articles anyway that does not remain the annals and whose words are not mine.)

Or wishes, for once, not to put image in an article!

It is also allowing me to experience periods of gestation and maturation (admittedly silent but oh so important) without feeling guilty.

This is to give my children an education that respects their rhythms, not a national program.

This is to empathize.

Is stay true without hiding my emotions.

It’s daring to speak of events of abuse.

That is to say no.

This is not to position myself in the role of rescuer family and regain my independence.

And it is much more … what is your way to you, to the voice of the female?