My creative process is all about intuition.

About the emergence of the unknown

Painting makes you feel bigger than the universe.

It continues to expand, to become deeper, and if we follow it, we expand in our turn and deepen ourselves as an individual.

Painting leads us into unknown places where our only option is to work. Work, work. We work with our heads and muscles and our memory; But it is necessary to stay at the top of what we do not know, forgetting the rest of our lives. And when we’re working, we’re not actually in front of the canvas in our workshop. We swim blindly in the deep waters and it can be perilous to return to the surface because it is possible to lose one’s rhythm and return to known things.

Leigh Hyams

That it is exciting to fall into the realization of unknown things …

To the execution of a precise idea to obtain a precise result, I prefer to leap into this mysterious unknown, without any idea of finality and produce new thing.

How to find these new things?

I am convinced that the only way to approach our true nature, our real art is play, letting go, scribbling …

Not serious ? Childish ?

On the contrary! Who would take the risk of spoiling the raw material? Or wasting time? The squiggles no longer have their place. Playing, is not in the air …

In 2011, I turned to the richness of intuitive painting and shamanic painting. All these techniques have the extraordinary faculty of allowing us to feel alive, to anchor here and now to our world, to our body.

And to bring out the unknownn.

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