Wild ?

That is to say untamed? Uncivilized?

What intellectual rigor leaves little room for the imaginary … for me there are words, concepts that extend well beyond their succinct dictionary definition. Naturally, “wild” is part of it.

In our world, “savage” is often associated with this idea of lack of order, of incivility that leads to chaos. In this sense, “savage” connects with shadow, destruction, death. The term can therefore, a priori, frighten us.

Nothing like this in my personal understanding of this concept which is only light, possibilities and above all FREEDOM! Unlike its counterpart of death, it is the life that the term “savage” celebrates. The beautiful and great life, the one promised to us at birth, the life haloed with concretizations of dreams.

Switching into the wild world is thus walking on this thread stretched between these two worlds, dark and luminous, of destruction and creation. Here we are propelled to the kingdom of the sacred, where our acts and our words determine our progress in this precarious balance.

In this world of possibilities where everything can grow, we find ourselves as a luxuriant vegetation. :

Our feet like roots in the earth, sink into the shadow part of our inner being
Our head, as well as leaves directed towards the Sun, orientates us, thirsting for light.

The wild sanctifies these two worlds, these two faces of the Goddess.

The goddess in itself.

We all have a personal relationship with femininity, with the goddess.

And we are all special, but we are more and more numerous to have a complicated relationship with it.

Painting allowed me to become aware of my eroded feminine vision and to cure it, little by little.

By an unexpected dive into the WILD !

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