Gelli plate

Serigraphy… just my dream!

And if it were possible at home?

Paint with the gelatin allows to find the same effects, for 3-4 days only, because homemade gelatin really do not take longer! Even in the fridge!

Solution? The gelli plate! It is unlimited use …

Gelli plate.

Almost unknown in France, it can paint in series (even on fabrics). Just take a little helping hand but do not worry, you will find tons of tips on the blog of the gelli plate.

I use it often enough to make cards or backgrounds. J’adore!

Gelli plate. 1h of play…

And hère are inspiring backgrounds (I even already sketch some ideas.)

Futur project with Gelli plate.

Background for collages (very useful for me this time, soon you will know why.)

Futur collage project with Gelli plate

Some book marks…


Did I told you I loved my gelli flat !? And then I’ll get better eh! Because we can go far with this little gadget… promised more photos 😉