And dance the Earth ! -2-

When I was a kid, all the back-to-school-days were rainy and cold, or at least gray. For several years now, September is a sunny month, a month full of colors!

… a month to settle in a class or return to work becomes more and more difficult

Global warming has become palpable, it really affects us.

The media talk about it more and more, but unfortunately still with that air of guilt towards every citizen we are.

Well, yes, the change is there.

But it’s also time for you to hear this: No, it’s not your fault!

Of course, I do not ask you to take your cars and drive for hours for the simple pleasure of “burning” fuel. Nor do I direct you to stop all recycling or responsible consumption activities. Simply to hear this truth: it is not your personal fault. (Read it again 50 times if necessary!)

Why is it true?
Because we are human, we use the inventions of humans, and we all know that if we had the choice, we would do otherwise. The choice we have not yet and no one can make us feel guilty for that. We do our share of hummingbird, but it is much easier to hear ourselves say that it is because of our existence on Earth that all this is happening.



How then to accept the very fact of having come to live here, to be incarnated if we have the continual impression that it is to harm our Home Earth?

How to anchor?

How to accept our body that constantly needs food and creaks a little too easily for chips rather than seasonal fruits?

By being assaulted by these false accusations, we lose a little more self-esteem. Little by little, we are hardly aware of it, but our relationship to the Earth is deteriorating by the mere fact of feeling that guilt on the inside.

We do not feel dignified anymore.

Our efforts are not even recognized!



Alors, oui, ici et maintenant je me permets de reconnaître tous vos efforts.


Why ? Because it is enough to meditate on the consciousness of the Earth, the one we call Gaia, to see her smile at our coming. His smile is not fake, he does not hide a disappointment with our human behavior, let alone anger!

It was said punitive.

He was said to be angry and vengeful.

Yet, his smile is warm, bright and compassionate.

In our everyday life, she continues to feed us with love. Unlike everything we hear everywhere, She sees our efforts and is proud of them!

Finally, what is the point of continuing to recycle if we feel that this will not be enough? Why eat organic if everything is doomed to failure?

Do you see how it affects us?

Our efforts are not recognized, we feel that we can go back (damn for damn!) While we could continue to move forward with the smile and hope! What good is it to make the effort to consume in bulk, do my laundry with Marseille soap or turn off all my appliances … if the Amazonian forest burns?

Nothing is played. Nature knows how to adapt like human nature.

We must continue our efforts on behalf of the Earth and turn them into a dance of joy.

Pernicious guilt must not come to affect us anymore.

We are all children worthy of love …


How do you feel about reading all this?

Do you think me irresponsible? Disconnected from the real world and its emergencies?

Or do you feel it could be that another truth is behind what we are told in the news?

My message in this article is to inspire you to explore why your engagement is on the field.

To think, by connecting to yourself. Silence around. Relaxing …

What do you feel about this particular subject? Soothing? Tension? Anger ?

???? (uh here … it’s up to you!) ???

Its good ? You found ?

Let me guess …

Anger, huh! ?

Anger is a NORMAL emotion.

It comes when someone or something has exceeded our limits. It invites us to look at what boundaries have been exceeded and then to react. If there are no reactions to correct things (put the limits in their place) then the emotion of anger turns into a feeling of anger that will eat us from within.

So ? Which boundaries have been exceeded? Temperature ? The me-I-just-don’t-care from other, that lasted too many years?

… … … (uh, yes, this is still your turn ! This is a crazy dynamic between you and me, do you feel it ?!)
… ….

Now that we have found the limits, let’s see what actions we can put in place. We can join engaged struggles, make donations to associations, change the way we move, eat, … but if you’ve done all that, that anger remains … what to do?

Destroy Total? To screw up the farms with 1000 cows?

If we are going to defend the Earth with warlike passion, with violence, with guilt … what will be the success of our actions?

Can we succeed in defending it by going back to war, even if it is a war against pollution?

Do we think it’s a fair war?

Because yeah … the Crusades too, were fair wars in their times … defense wars, just as today we want to defend our planet. We are certain that it is doing good, as our ancestors were certain at the time for their religion.

Well, yes, you know it, I’m sure: there is no fair war. If history has proved anything to us, it is precisely that!

So will we be trigger again ?

Or are we finally going to understand that it is illogical to wage war to defend love, to prove our love? FOR a Land of love?

Do you feel how all this does not make sense?

Feel that our guilt only reinforces our fear?

Moreover, there is a new term to describe how we feel about the environment of tomorrow: eco-anxiety! That there is even a word for that … I must admit it : it annoys me  lot !


And danse the Earth !

I propose, you have now guessed, a new idea of ​​action: dance! (ouch, I just lost 75% of my readership … well … I assume and I will even try to convince you, yes, you here, who never dance at weddings!)

Personally, I spent all this year studying my relationship to my earthly incarnation, my body, my roots … it was announced to me on the 1st day of January, when I had drawn the map 14 of Tarot de Marseille: the tower, the body.

I sank into my depths during the creation of the Black Gate class. For me, this teaching was a real trigger in my life. I realized that I had trouble accepting my incarnation. It was not new … but I was not ready to hear it, because many of my shamanic journeys made me realize that I needed to work on improving “my foundations”.

This year, I therefore turned to a better understanding of my roots, my genealogy … I put all my energy, promising to stop only when I finally understood what it was true anchoring (this word overfull, new age style that we use to all the sauces to the point of not understanding it.) That’s how I felt how much our self-esteem depends on our relationship to our Earth and how much the media blame was a real blow to our confidence.

In the very name of the Earth, we deteriorated our relationship with her!

What is perverse! And so far from the truth …

No matter how many times I have traveled to the world below, I have always met merry, full of love. Whenever a symbol of the Earth faced me, it radiated, as if, out there, nothing bad was happening …

Gaia is love and compassion.

And She asks us to dance.



Curious, no?

And yet, to think about it, dance is the celebration of life, of the body. It is joy! By dancing, we eliminate our guilt, a little bit of our anger and we connect with her innocently and naively.

Let’s look at this request … what does it mean, basically?

Here is my interpretation: I think that She wishes us to realize that each of our actions must become CONSCIOUS again in all its implications. She wants to reconnect with the SACRED – ACTION.

So the question is not why she asks us this (arrived so far in your reading, you probably understand that it is to reframe us a little: yes ecology is good, make us feel anger to save her, it’s not so good at all …) but to know if we are able, us, modern men and women of 2019, to dance?

Do we take a moment in the week for 5 min of movements?

Can we take the time to feel our feet touching Her (or the floor indirectly) and feel that no matter what we do, no matter how high our jumps, we are still connected to Her?

Our bodies are bits of this Earth. We are therefore pieces of Her and we can honor it by throwing ourselves into movements that undulate. It does not matter if they are of quality! It’s like intuitive painting that I plebiscite so much … the important thing is the true, the important thing is to connect to Self and DO.




A danse for saving the world ?

I’m not naive, believe me. I know that even if we start dancing together, billions of people … it will not clean up our Earth.

In fact, in this message, I understand that She does not think of She, but of us, as always … as a mother would …

The act of dancing will not cure the Earth. It will heal us, our intentions, our emotions, our thoughts.

All that pollutes the human 😉

She tries to make us understand, that even before we try to clean Her up, she, we will have to clean up ourselves.

It is on this condition that our energy of commitment will be transformed.

It also means that we have a stronger bond with her (more than we thought …)

Imagine evolving from feelings of fear of dying (or seeing the Earth die and our children with her) to a more joyful feeling. We will transform our acts into acts of love, into sacred acts. We will go to the sorting bin with a smile, because we love this planet.

It’s not much, but it changes the quality of our strength.

Sounds a little silly to you? What if we tried to see if everything I write from the beginning is not a lot of bullshit?

Doubt! It is important.

But try too, because it does not commit to anything, because that can be funny…

And yes, of course we do this without someone looking at us, in complete privacy! ! We hide in his room if necessary 😉 and even in the dark!

Allow yourself in this 2-3min free dance week. Take a single music title, your favorite!

I bet you have already imagined what music to take, that you already know what title to launch … isnit it an invitation from your mind to try the experiment?

Get started!

And then take the time of your feelings … has something changed?


“Ondule my daughter “a mixed media painting created to illustrate Gaia’s message. 2018