DIY : an art journal page

Today I need to do something… WITH YOU! Ready? I promise an art journal page personal and that you’ll be proud of. All, without being scared, or stressed just a page, with letting thing go!


Sorry for the quality : I prefer working during night!

So, start with an art journal page. What? You don’t have any? That’s even better! Take an old piece of cardboard, or anything you can recycle, something you don’t CARE!


Now : collage. Page’s book, dictionary or book sheets. Little pieces, big pieces, the goal here is to have something dynamic! Pieces need to cover one an other, to mix. Try to avoid color for now (here on the back some old paint from recycling paint on a stencil.)


Fun right?

Your composition does not matter, just HAVE FUN! This is only the background, right? So we don’t care! Just add pieces where you want!

Then, choose the colors you prefer NOW. Pastel? Fluo? This is up to your feelings of this day! Let colors speak to you and take white.

We continue without to much thinking with adding lines : straight lines, flex, little, big… be surprise by what you like. Live that wonderful moment where your paint touches the page. Can you feel it? Remember, we are still in the start, so in the end we won’t be able to see everything… so LET GO and enjoy your feeling.

Stop when your page have still blank spaces, this is important! If you want to paint again, that’s great, just take an other paper and go go go! Let everything dry.

Cold colors… but this green smell the end of the winter.

And now, this is time for child draw. No kidding here! Let’s go back in time, where you were 5 or 6 et take markers, water soluble paint, pastels (be careful, acrylique won’t add on oil pastel but the result can be interesting.)


Take the same colors as before and add more lines, or draw :

Now, we need to unify our work a little. Recover a lot of space you don’t like by one color only (grey, white is easier!)

Now, you can add an image (by collage or by transfert, as you like!)


Add some paint with stencil, some marks as before. Try bubbles sheet in the paint. Embellish your page with markers.

This was fun, right?