Planting seeds

This is not a secret :

Planting seeds. Art journal by Fanny Wild

I still consider myself a beginner in painting. It’s been 10 years, but I’m still beginner in some technical, and this only 1 year I paint in acrylic (oil before, and I must say I had a lot of worries with this change!) Anyway, I still plant my creations seeds (planting seeds) …

So to prove that the debut may still be shown, I created this blog. I turn now to the next step: the videos. So here’s how I make my little creations. No major demonstrations, yet, as always, I hope you find inspiration.

Here, I show you a little trick: the creativity of tickets (no deposited right, go ahead, take this idea !!!!) These are scraps of paper on which I have inscribed the name of a technique, of a subject, a material to create … even when I have no immediate idea.

2nd secret: it evolves DOING. So when the urge, the idea is lacking, there are those tickets that allow me to do the job DESPITE EVERYTHING! This is why the newspaper is: test an idea, technical, and do, do, do without fear of ruining a canvas. Moreover, I show you my first newspaper and all it contains ERRORS MAGIC and allow me to move forward continuously.

Here, then, randomly doing a newspaper page, with little equipment. Enjoy:

Leave me your comments about the realization of the video, on your expectations … for next time!