The power of the woman

The power of the woman have to shine. But before, we have some works to do :


Before trying to grow to the Sun, we need to have a solid foundation, learning to be grounded, to connect to the Earth, to our ancestors : a plant does not grow without roots! The 1st chakra can play this link, by imagining sinking into the ground. One of feminine energy resource may be on ourself in a spiral or fetus. Believing both the cosmos at the top (which is in our culture) AND the Earth below. Yes, believe in the Earth, BELIEVE IN WOMEN, IN THE GODDESS.

Often we need a starting point …

While the energies of autumn invite us to return to Earth (the falling leaves return there though …), a return to oneself (one remains inside his house), this beautiful message also invites me to take things from the beginning. To the question: “how to move forward, evolve, become a better human?” I get the answer to not look up for once, but down : my foundation, my roots. Me anchored to Earth. Anchor me to the woman.

I refer of course to my first chakra, but my body tells me that there are more important : by my pains of amenorrhoea, I have to understand that I do not fully accept being a woman (the surrounding culture unfortunately that has rubbed off on my paternal as well as my maternal education.) I have to free myself from the old agreement and start, yes, from the beginning. I have to accept and agree to be female, to be goddess.