In the intimacy of “the Edge of the world” a new paint


Let me tell you a story …
A young woman is walking through a dense and protective forest. On his way, picked at random, she respectfully plucks a flower which she headdress. She walks until the road is cut, crossed by a temperate river. She doesn’t want to change her road. Invited by the water (without a single movement) she sits. Thus began her meditation … The time seems to stop and this beautiful soul in this ultimate state of receptivity feels every vibration of life around her.
“Connect to nature to connect to yourself” she seems to think. Then she dives. Her eyes leave the real world, to goes into the underworld. She crosses her animality with which she is now ready to play, to laugh, to cry! She feels the energy rise in her, all lives in earth seem to pulsate through her veins. Excited by her experience, she understands that just like the lotus, she needs to grow in the mud (representing her instinctive desires) to blossom, to open up to the light. Taking support on the bottom, to mount up. As the tree to his right, she will plunge her roots to emerge new, transformed. Her unconscious part, deep inside, will now guides her evolution.

Sink into the worlds of our subconscious can be a gold mine. To find the courage to explore the dark side in us… the female character of “the edge of the Worlds” seems to live the enlightenment:
On the edge of the worlds, original paint by Fanny Wild

There it is some pictures, in the intimacy of the final making process (and a little though which says : “there is no such a stirring feeling like painting with skin.”)

I have to say… sometimes I use brushes!
Fanny Wild or the joy of life!)
No time to rest… there is a third painting to finish!
… few months later (4 february) I made some changes :