3 new paintings part 3

Part 3, yes. Big painting here too, a wild woman…


Original by Fanny Wild

Full of colors. This makes me happy!
Details just for pleasure :


I do not know what else to say about it. It really speaks for itself!

I still have a little hesitation on the Green in the top left corner (who came to the picture in reality). It’s a really rich area (sub layer appears) and I love it but I also see things as a whole and make sacrifices to make sure the whole canvas works and is balanced. I’ll keep you posted (such as for the first canvas, it is only by writing this post it jumped the eyes.) The blog in the service of my paintings?

Otherwise, I had the courage to carry out new brands, do some research to not stay stuck in what I can do and what I know that works.

I also think that we’ll again about the concept of courage in the paint, very soon (and a whole post dedicated :))