Multiply me by…

Now here I am!

Yes, yes, me!

Why me? Well, because I am always available when I want to photograph! And above all … because I am a business model and patient (according to the photographer!)

But self-image, it can be frankly very very very funny, when we multiply!

Modus operandi :


– A tripod

– A remote control, where the timing Fashion

– Outfits 🙂

– A bit crazy ideas

Here is how an afternoon weekend, a little gray, went wrong …

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Gelli plate

Serigraphy… just my dream!

And if it were possible at home?

Paint with the gelatin allows to find the same effects, for 3-4 days only, because homemade gelatin really do not take longer! Even in the fridge!

Solution? The gelli plate! It is unlimited use …

Gelli plate.

Almost unknown in France, it can paint in series (even on fabrics). Just take a little helping hand but do not worry, you will find tons of tips on the blog of…

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The beast within

The beast within!? It’s the animal inside us… I always loved this words and when I love in life, it comes real :

The beast within. Mixed média.

How :

Background : Play with intuitive paint (with my fingers) pen for children, pastel, water paint, acrylic…

I turn my little voice in OFF (this one that says to me I’mnot allowed to paint like this because I’m not a child anymore) and I’ve done here everything I wanted to do, without any…

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Today I have a great desire to talk doodle…

Yes, those little doodles can be addictive… they can also be downright sublime, look!

Doodle de Kerby Rosanes

This is the work of the Kerby Rosanes, young artist who seems to wear the Black Ball Pen as a person.

One again?

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Hidden wonders


Guess what!? I go again for a new challenge in winter colors… If you don’t know yet the monthly challenge on the Lyndy’s Stamp Gang store, here are the color challenge info.

I really like this challenge because it pushes me to try new colors… It helps me to explore myself! One more step now : I decided last month to show my work and participate for real! Time again to boost myself and taking my stuff.

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Bookeh my dear!

Today I’d like to say that EVERYONE loves bokeh …

The bokeh? But yeah, you know, this technique allows a blurred background and the lights take strange forms? Nan? Always not? So here’s an example:

City bokeh

It’s so simple that even I’ll manage to explain!

Phase 1: find a good subject.

That’s the biggest challenge… lights! So there we will have to think about town, garlands,…

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Gavin Hoey

TODAY it’s photo time! You may be a beginner or a player, I propose you to have a look in the DIY that share Gavin Hoey in his blog, and in youtube.

The tutorial are often incomplete or worse devoid of pedagogy and fun. here… nothing like that!

On each theme presented, the work is shown from start to finish with all the tricks of the trade. Yes yes from beginning to end: shooting settings and compositions to the digital processing.

I have great progress in learning my camera thanks…

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Monroe : an idea of transfert


Hello to you!

I hope you spent a happy holiday! I offer you a colorful year 🙂

This makes me think that the mixed media decidedly offers us many possibilities and themes like pop!

And iconic figure of pop? Andy Warhol and his best: Marilyn Monroe …

I kept the mythical face, leaving the colorful silkscreen to the master!

I started working face digitally from a photograph on Galaxy Note 2 (yes my phone with the sketch application.) I like it because it uses layers bright… then…

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About totems

I love to paint following the fox… that is trying not to control everything! I like happy accidents, coincidences. I like throwing myself without end result in mind…

… And so … I’m happy to discover new things!

For example, this majestic lion, wise and protector who suddenly occurred to me.

Initially I wanted to illustrate the period pocahontas that my children had while I was drowning in a reflection on the water (both calm and impetuous … totally my type.)

I had to draw my daughter….

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