About totems

I love to paint following the fox… that is trying not to control everything! I like happy accidents, coincidences. I like throwing myself without end result in mind…

… And so … I’m happy to discover new things!

For example, this majestic lion, wise and protector who suddenly occurred to me.

Initially I wanted to illustrate the period pocahontas that my children had while I was drowning in a reflection on the water (both calm and impetuous … totally my type.)

I had to draw my daughter….

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Little planets

Hey! There are some inspiring pic… the little planets.

I love this concept, did you knew it exists? Several panoramic pictures are add together and distorted to form a circle. This is simply done on photoshop … And to do that, here’s a very well done tutorial to help you make your first little planet. I love the work of Gavin Hoey and I advise you to subscribe to his channel on youtube. This really worths it!

And now brace yourself !!!! Yeah, because here are top flight of…

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Art journal

Today, I’d like to talk to you about a great way to blow your creativity by using a personal journal.

Fill a canvas can be scary… and yes, afraid to put your first drop of paint, fear not to arrive to the final result that was in your head. So, we do not make the first step… Even if it’s not absolutely beautiful (as we’ve imagined it) at least, we tried, we learned, we have done the work (this is REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT to find our own voice.)

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Make yourself home

Hi! Today there it is a work I’ve done for challenge with lindy’s stamp gang (color challenge info).

Here the idea : colors are given and then let’s play with this wonderful supply : the lindy’s stamp gang’s sprays!!! Their collection is huge and who, yes who, would not want to have them all?

Cause : colors are unique,  vibrant, and with the Starbust they’re also shimmering! They’re Incredible to use with or without stencils. I really love…

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The game of paint

This is an amazing activity, so amazing in fact that I wanted to make you know.

So what is it?

The game painting was created by Arno Stern and like all good things, his work has simmered! For 50 years !!!

50 years passed with children.

50 years to refine its comments, try new things, or even return to the old.

50 years of travel among different peoples (virgin, a little, of the Western world).

But it…

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I love world

The first entry in the series discovered, the photo series called “pola and hands.” Indeed I wanted to share with you this beautiful idea of Julien Grenet alias j’aime le monde and in particular this beautiful idea :

The traveler uses the Polaroid system to address local people, all at once using the 1st contact, but also thank them and give them as a gift for…

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