A departure in my life, certainly expected but no less painful, plunged me into contemplation.

I lost my fixed landmark.

My North.

As I was told so well when I was trying to explain why I was so upset, “Ah, in fact, you lost your Proust madeleine!”

It is a magnificent summary of the universe that represented for me, this being of 88 years.

My Madeleine of Proust.

The enchanted part of my childhood …

It had already been fragmented last year at the same time. Yet, my madeleine survived (it’s crazy how we can hang up like that, what remains!)

My madeleine, my north has…

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Lunar eclipse and Dalai Lama

It’s been two months since I didn’t write anything.

Not laziness.

Oh no!

Because I felt absolutely overwhelmed all this time!

These last 2 months have been full. As full as the moon that day 🙂

And if I want to write today, this is because I really want to talk about the lunar eclipse tonight and the Medicine that accompany it.

You should know that another lunar eclipse took place at the beginning of this month (1 September) during her dark phase (or new moon). The time between these two powerful phenomena is called…

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Oh what a job!

All my website is now translate in english for all of our friends (hello you !)

IMGP9324It was HUGE !!!!!!!!

Proud, happy to have achieve this madness (more that 100 posts from the past!)

The good thing is, that digging in the old, make me see all my evolution. In painting technics of course, but also as a human being.

…. I’m going to sleep now…


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2016 holliday

I’ll be honest with you …

I have long been reluctant to share those vacation photos. Simply because the place is still wild, no concrete, no tourist. One would almost want to keep the secret of this little world.

And when I say “little piece of the world” is not an expression!

Here is the tip of Brittany. The end of Europe what;)


Finistère more precisely, near Brest where also held with the Maritime Festival … to our delight, the presence of old rigs (replications, but still …) and sailboats joined the port…

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The collection of wild women is growing! But is it really a question of a simple woman, this time?


Because this painting is really like no other (size, presence of a Goddess (no less!) appearance of triangles …) well, making it her, a really different presentation!

On video 😉


Music : la mal coiffée

Come meet them on

Women voices, energy ! LOOOOVE them !


Troubling Artemis

The emergence of Artemis in my painting was a difficult time, I found myself face to face with a killer!

Here I am, at the…

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At the risk of contradicting myself … I have a hard time letting go!

Vui! I fall into blog-shock with horrible revelations from the first sentence.

In fact, I write a lot about letting go to help myself, because I am one of those people who like to control everything (and therefore paint intuitively helps me tremendously because I control little.)

My last headlock? Signature. Or should I say THE signature. One that should be at the place of honor on my paintings. Let me describe to you the table (lol)

Your painting is almost complete. You take a few steps back to…

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Not heels that make the woman

Today I am eager to talk about the power of women and how it gives us the illusion that the woman has now regained her voice, as she seems to have fallen into oblivion.

What voice exactly?

I imagine quite hear your answer, since in general, the voice refers to the sound that comes out of our vocal cords.

With a little attention, the voice means much more than that.

The voice is communication in general, from multiple channels, such as blogs;), social networks … the “click generation” produced this little wonder, where everyone can have a say and say.

The negative side, they…

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Some news…

This is a somewhat rotten title, I must admit … but he spent a lot of little things here and I have not found a term encompassing all.

But uh … wait … is March already?

Yes, and in style!

Because I was lucky that organizes me, just to bibi, my first birthday surprise! (I reversed the candles on the cake. Nobody saw anything 🙂 suddenly, everyone thinks I’m 23 years old!)

… And like they know me well, I’ve got a magical gift for me … one LOMO camera to replace my polaroid (I had driven to Santa last year but had…

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List of silly stuff

I recently told you about our future expropriation for highway. It is an endless debate here … how to leave areas so beautiful to cement thank you? And the days passed and yesterday the second hammer blow: farmers in the plain of Alsace put fertilizer (chemical) in pastures (meadows what!) Definitely!

Am I the only one to be shocked?

Apply fertilizer in meadows … really, I do not understand this relationship with nature … (well I understand on paper, fertilizer = more herbs = more food for cows .) I, who thought it was reserved to fields and vineyards !!!

The nice…

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A highway and a portal

This week I dragged my feet to write.

I drag their feet because I had not moral and I do not want to see a depressing post … too bad.

Let me set the scene for those who do not know. My family and I moved last year (in May) in an extraordinary house, an old mill in a castle park with sufficient land to accommodate pretty ponies honorably … a real favorite (besides, we had visited for the feast of love in 2015.) Only downside, the house is on the route of GCO, the great western bypass, supposedly…

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