large storage

Do you know the book “storage of magic”?

Given its success (which is undeniable) it is very likely yes. But did you read?

If this is not done, this article will serve as a precaution …

read may cause many MANY changes in the house!


I explain to you! The trial of Marie Kondo wants to be very simple: it must be surrounded only things that make us happy, brings us joy … and discard the rest! Everything else!

And here the idea of ​​what keeps me occupied for 2 weeks: a sort of madness…

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Let it go

What is letting go? At first glance it looks like a surrender, is released, we let something go. a lack of species eventually we feel in these words, and it can be scary.

In seeking further (well, in the dictionary), we get that letting go is “a state of impersonal concentration”. It does not tell you much, huh? A either. So when I read recently that perfect definition of what it means to me, letting go, I think only share:

I remind you that letting go does not mean doing nothing and abdicate. Rather, it means to remember what we want…

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Valentin day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Yes, I know, I’m late.

Where I was, I could not come pat on the wifi, or even on the phone.

(And no, I do not write posts in advance that emerge like magic when I’m in the tundra.)

No … I was not really in the tundra …

But in principle, it was like there.

Here it looked pretty darn!
Yes … when painted on the wild woman, we opened a shop bringing the sweet name of SheArtWild and like to run naked in the woods (nan, this one is for fun, never without my panties of course!) … what can…

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Mud and André’s shoe merchant

Now, where we live, we live with the mud. There are some very logical reasons for this: we live in a humid environment, near ponds, swamp forest, in an old mill. Every day, the small dirt road in front of the house sees scroll tractors and lumber cars.

To tell you, I even had to bring myself to have my own pair of shoes in my car!

The ponies are having a field day. Once grooming is over, it’s back to square one with beautiful rolls in the mud. Sometimes just a tiny caress to have on the nails … and…

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And during that time …

… I dare tempt some crazy stuff on my canvas BIG (oh yes, triangle friend, welcome!)


I just wanted to share this moment when I wonder what I can do … and then I see a big bottle of red! Holds true not that I often use … go go go !!!! Finally, I put all lol!

Much, much work remains to be done here. After all, I’m only the 7th layer (true story !!!!!)

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The unfinished one

Yes, yes, I already talked about this one…


Detail from Duality, acrylic by Fanny Wild 
There is a canvas that follows me since … uh … one year and a few (yes, almost 2 years in fact, but it seems so incredible that I could not bring myself to write it!)

THE painting that made me…

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Painting is being brave

I really wanted to write a post, because I had again want (and especially courage) I tackle large canvases.
And I need to talk about this: courage.

Because paint can seem so easy when you look at the masters do.

It may seem so easy when you see the number of paintings that can perform the most prolific artists.

So I am a restored truth paint is difficult.

Even with 20 years of career behind you paint will always be difficult.

Why is this…

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3 new paintings part 2

I come back to continue the presentation of the latest paintings done. And passes to the greatest! The greater good 🙂

Here is the 2nd canvas in full (with small zozios paper hanging from the ceiling)

An original by Fanny Wild
Some details.