I have several versions and I chose to unveil one who will use it for my website. black background … drawings using one of my paintings …

Without further ado, here’s logo SheArtsWild 🙂


Logo SheArtsWild par Fanny Wild
I wanted something that reflects the archetypal wild woman, freedom, creativity.

I am delighted with the outcome 🙂

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Bonus day – 30 days challenge

That’s the bonus text. The one I wrote for the end of the challenge and to which I have given (a call from my intuition, without any other reasoning …)

Follow his own advice …

Talking is good, still have to apply its own moments of wisdom (I have not often, huh … what had until then this is the harvest of a lifetime lol).

So all this time, yes, I pushed the door of my little studio. Yes I applied a color, or so little brushstroke as that day I did not feel anything coming. Yes, I sought inspiration. Yes I…

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END? – 30 days challenge D#30


Yesterday I wrote a small text to close this challenge. Then, when the issue … I do not know … I did not want.

I wanted another text to finish this challenge. The text of yesterday, it will be … a bonus!

Finally, I had finally want to re-talk about our power. I have already mentioned that the conscious choice of EACH thing (whether this brand of yogurt, or choose to go to work today because I like getting paid, still choose to live with this person precisely…

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Middle is the hardest – 30 days challenge D#29

Small family day yesterday, I could not go on the internet the day. For cons, I had in mind to share with you these few words. Here they are :

I know I’m on the tipping point between the amateur and pro. The balance between the two is palpable and I admit I look forward to being on the other side.

Because start is not the most difficult.


It’s the middle. The Tipping Point.

Take the brush and sweep the canvas in a first layer is never the…

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Reclaiming the power – 30 days challenge D#28

Last days of the challenge … I feel like talking much psychology that painting!

Looking to become a full-time artist, I discovered little by little that only creativity does not allow advance. We must also enable progress, to start up the engine.

And it’s not easy at all. Our comfort is nice. It is also limiting. Add to it a little strong voice, and you get a wonderful mix causing a freeze frame 🙂

When we reach beyond these resistances (by binding very small goal, like writing one line,…

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Dreams – 30 days challenge D#27

Since the beginning of this challenge, I surrender to vivid dreams … and especially in the note.

The data appears in particular: the naked update. Often I find myself in a situation where I reveal myself to an audience while I thought I was in an intimate place. For example, I go to the bathroom and I realize they are all wood and they let in too much visibility since I see fully the street. Besides, at that moment pass along this street, people I…

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Wild – 30 days challenge D#26

When the wild appears in our life, it appears everywhere …

Even in the kitchen!

Last Saturday, I was following a one-day course to Jardin Gourmand, Lalaye (my husband thank you for this gift). I learned to prepare tasty little dishes of essential oils and wild herbs.

Ground ivy, helichrysum, nasturtium leaves, roses, watercress, evening primrose. What thrill my soul, giving me many ideas and feed the wild woman each!


tofu cream and nasturtium leaves …
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Not this one!


The resistance is this enemy in our head. She always gives us a lot of reasons: we are not yet ready, still not good enough, we do not have THE good idea …

If we can not ignore that voice, we will never start anything.

The difference between an amateur artist and a professional artist is the lover believes he will, first, eliminate fears it before starting. The pro, he actually…

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Healing 4 – 30 days challenge D#24

One of the artists that I watched on youtube and became excited also for shamanistic rituals and had even taken a course offering to integrate art in the vision quest, the famous quest own vision to ancient civilizations.

I do not know why, but the idea never left me. I had to wait 1 year (the course takes place once a year) in order to also throw myself in this fabulous quest.

For once in my life I had ventured without fear and the result was beyond any words.

The paintings were not only beautiful but they were true masters who could…

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Healing 3 – 30 days challenge D#23

I have absolutely no idea where this series will go to post. I just felt the need to write my personal history. We will see the finality of the thing …

I finished yesterday on my meeting with meditation. Now of course I knew. I was a little trying to relax on mystical music after reading Eat Pray Love. I had a little bit of relaxation therapy.

This time I understood why and I threw myself into a real habit. Gradually, I understood my thoughts. It’s not that I domptais. But my muscle “let go” was reinforced …

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